Currently, I’ve been aiding start-up and established companies devise a comprehensive online media strategy to acquire new and repeat consumers that best aligns with their goals and budgets.

I am extremely well versed in the online media arena and have been involved in the space since 2004. Moreover, I have been on the buying (publisher traffic & media), as well as, the selling side and am very familiar with the idiosyncrasies that drive consumer buying behavior. I have launched thousands of websites and executed many media plans throughout my tenure. Additionally, I have personally managed clients and ad spends in excess of $9MM/month.

Digital Media outlets that I can help with: Paid Social (Facebook), Paid Search (Google & Bing), Search Marketing on lower tier engines, Website Design, Landing Page Design, Email Marketing, Analytics, Media Channel Benchmarking, Content Creation, Content Distribution, Affiliate Networks, Starting an Affiliate Program, Traditional Display, Retargeting, Programmatic Display, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pre-Roll, PR Releases, Sales Funnel Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Blogging, Affiliates, Publishers, Advertisers, Consumer Retention techniques, Email retention, Organic Social, and Increasing Website monetization…just to name a few!

Who I’m looking for:
-NEW clients (of course!) who need assistance in their online digital planning & execution efforts
-potential investors for several start-ups I am working with
-strategic partners
-anyone in the payday vertical or subprime vertical
-publishers who can drive traffic
-anyone who has their own offers, that they own and manage, and is looking for help obtaining more consumers
-anyone that has offers that can be incentivized
-anyone that has warm transfer programs for monetizing callcenter inbound calls
-email marketers
-maybe you! send me an inbox and let’s chat about how we can work together!


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